The long Road.

When I was about ten, my mum was taking my brothers and I to see our Uncle George. We were on a bus. It was a Ribble bus. Now if you were on a Ribble or a Crosville bus, your journey was extra spec…

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Further Adventures in Fermentation

Thing is, I like this stuff. It’s easy to make. It tastes good. I’m drinking something that’s filled with probiotics and that can’t be bad for my body.

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The Amorous Vita Sackville-West

Day 306 of Colourisation Project – March 9 Challenge: to publish daily a colourised photo that has some significance around the day of publication. English poet, novelist and horticulturalist, Vita…

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Dancing About Architecture

“Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” I first encountered this aphorism attributed to Elvis Costello. It tickled me. How true, Elvis! (It turns out, wouldn’t y…

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Margate in Thanet is a wonderful holiday location and I am lucky to live here.


In June some very dear friends and their two young boys from Australia came to visit us for a holiday. To start with we were thinking of hiring a car and travelling around the UK or hopping across to the continent. In the end, as it is the year of austerity as far as our personal finances are concerned, we decided to keep it local and show our friends our home town of Margate and surrounding Kent.

On our first day we kept it very local. Starting with the very traditional seaside activity of visiting the seafront amusement arcades. The Flamingo is always our favourite one to visit and the boys loved it. I’ve never seen so many 2ps disappear into the slots at such speed. If it was an Olympic sport the boys would definitely win gold!

The next activity was literally on our doorstep at Bugsy’s Bowling in…

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Open Studios: An Insider View

I love art

SGFA Journal

by Christine Hopkins SGFA

Do a google search for ‘Open Studios’ and you will find a comprehensive list from Bedfordshire to York; towns, cities and regions whose artists are linked together with one aim – to make art accessible to as many people as possible. Open Studios, Open Houses, Arts Trails and Arts Weeks happen every summer all over the country and from the perspective of an artist are a chance to show one’s work to whoever comes in through the door. This may be someone who has seen your tiny thumbnail image in a glossy brochure, come by recommendation from another studio, or is just a curious neighbour or friend.  Perhaps they were attracted by the balloons or bunting, or brightly coloured arrows that you’ve distributed around your neighbourhood, or perhaps they’ve visited before and wanted to come to see what is new.

Christine Hopkins, "The Road to Dungeness" Christine Hopkins, “The Road to Dungeness”

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Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

I am not sure if I will ever read this bit at least I am thinking about reading it, does that count?

Dedicated To...

Mere Cover

Mere Inside




Dear Simon –

Ignore the title if you must, but please read this book! I recently started reading it since I got home from school, and it is excellent. C.S. Lewis was a brilliant man, even though he was English! (JUST KIDDING [smiley face])

Because he was English you’ll probably understand him better than I do. He was also once an atheist, which might help you relate a little, too. I hope you enjoy reading it! [heart] Emily

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