Bacon Sandwich at Cliftonville Cafe

Not the best bacon sarnie but great company and the view overlooking the sea is fantastic. I have a theory that from that part of Thanet’s wonderful coastline your can always  see Ten ships, well today was a failure for my theory because of a sea mist I couldn’t even see the  wind turbines off Margate.The cafe was busy and the journey up there on the electric wheelchair was trouble free other than detours to find dropped curbs. A great trip out CLICK HERE FOR GOOGLE EARTH PICTURES


StudioBlend is…

words and music from Kevin Adams

Source: StudioBlend is…

StudioBlend is…

words and music from Kevin Adams

Source: StudioBlend is…

Self-Love Stew (VEGAN)

I cooked for myself last night. This is pretty good news, considering how blue I have been the last few days… Black dog came home, and cooking is the self-love I need but often t…

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The Dreamland Trust announces new chair

Margate regeneration and Dreamland ,Turner Contemporary and the Old Town are all interlinked

The Dreamland Trust has appointed Bernie Morgan as its new chaberniemorganir.

Bernie lives in Thanet and owns Bernie’s Chocolate Bar in Margate High Street. She was formerly the CEO of Responsible Finance and, prior to that, wrote the design brief for the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground in Hyde Park. She has a background in charities and social enterprises and is a passionate believer in creating vibrant communities which generate economic empowerment.

Bernie said: “I am delighted and honoured to be joining the Trust at this pivotal time. Nick Laister and the team have achieved so much and I am looking forward to building on this good work and take the Trust into the future.”

She added: “The community of Thanet holds Dreamland in its heart – and I intend to build on that goodwill and work with all stakeholders, so that the Trust realises its potential. As…

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School’s out.

This made me smile as my Daughter in Law is a teacher and daughter is Teaching Assistant and they go loads of stuff


This is not an original title. It’s not even a clever title. But it refers to a very special day in the school year. That is of course, the last day of the summer term. Out of my front window, I can see the hordes of parents and children following their daily path to the local primary school. The mood is generally upbeat. Even in the darkest depths of an overly mild damp grey British winter, children chat happily or zoom about on their silver steel scooters. It’s a cheering sight.

Yet the last day is even more so. The gently ambling, if disorderly line is bedecked with gifts. They are carried proudly by the children smiling widely at the myriad of thoughts racing through their eager minds. “Today I am going to make my teacher smile. Today he or she will be nice to us. We’re going to do a…

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A smooth weekend?

The weekend was hot. “Hooray,” we all shouted. A proper summer has arrived. I love the heat myself but it is not a two-way affair. For someone like me, it immobilises  the brain. If you…

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