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I’m here!!

Ruth and her Uganda adventure


Wow, I have already been in Uganda for over a week!! It has been a whirlwind of finding my feet in this beautiful place. I am learning how to use bodas to get around town, what fair fruit prices are at market, the best place to get coffee, and which foods in the supermarkets are good, and which aren’t (for example, peanut butter – good, chocolate – bad).

Life here moves at such a different pace to the UK, and I am learning how to live in that. I’m learning not to be frustrated when the power goes out JUST as we sit down to watch a movie, or JUST as I want to take a shower. I’m also hugely enjoying many of the cultural differences, such as ensuring you greet everyone when you go somewhere, and the hospitality and love shown to me by the Jenga staff – I…

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Another week of nothing.

Is life so unremarkable that I can claim an entire seven days of oblivion? Seven days of such inaction that a plate of sleet may seem interesting? It’s hard to define nothing. It’s one …

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Written for my friends Dorien and Ros. Dor was was looking for help with song lyrics. It’s based on the university romance  he  suggested, and  although I added Cambridge and his own  mathematical …

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Wheelchair walking

I am home now after taking a walk, well a wheelchair walk actually. I haven’t been able to walk for years now but I still refer to going out as going for a walk! It was very taxing, finding routes that are safe and ones that have dropped curbs to enable me to negotiate safe passage. Drivers are very considerate today I had four stop and allow me safely to cross, I would like to say a public thank you to all drivers who slow and are aware of what is going on around them. I would also like to comment on the lack of decent dropped curbs, sure they cant be everywhere but why do those that have been dropped still prove hard to negotiate surely if someone is going to make the effort please make them safe for people in wheelchairs to cross, several times I couldn’t use a crossing point because it was not safe to use. Even my electric wheelchair would make it up the curbs!

Rant over I had the camera with me and got some pictures but they are for another day as I am exhausted and in need of some ZZZ’s. Bye for now

The long Road.

When I was about ten, my mum was taking my brothers and I to see our Uncle George. We were on a bus. It was a Ribble bus. Now if you were on a Ribble or a Crosville bus, your journey was extra spec…

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Further Adventures in Fermentation

Thing is, I like this stuff. It’s easy to make. It tastes good. I’m drinking something that’s filled with probiotics and that can’t be bad for my body.

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